“Now more than ever we need to let our voices be heard. Did you know that right now as I’m telling you this, Virginian employees are not guaranteed paid sick leave? Well, let me tell you a quick story. Back in June when we moved to this beautiful state, my business was not doing as I expected due to Covid and all the unfortunate events happening around us. I literally thought I would have to let my dreams go and close my essential oils business for good. What if I would have had access to just a little help? Thankfully I am able to work my business on social media, and do everything while taking care of my children as they do online learning at home. If not, like many other small business owners, I wouldn’t have survived these tragic events. That’s why it’s imperative we raise our voices and demand having a standard paid sick leave policy in the state of Virginia. It would be so beneficial to business owners, their workers, and their families. I love my home and I believe we can do much better for our workers and their loved ones. 💓 #PaidSickDays”