“As a health care worker, not having paid sick leave means some of us may be forced to decide between paying our bills and risking our patients and coworkers health. If we are sick and need to call out we lose out on the money and some of us just can’t afford to do so. If we choose to go into work even though we are sick, we now are putting our coworkers and patients health are at risk.

In my experience working in a retirement community with the elderly patients most at risk during this time, going to work sick shouldn’t even be a question and our healthcare workers shouldn’t have to be the ones to decide.

Paid sick leave is important especially during these times. Health care workers need to stay healthy and COVID-free in order to provide the best care to their patients. The only way to get through this pandemic is to protect our health care workers so they can do their job. If health care can set the example that paid sick leave is a must, others will follow suit and see how serious of an issue it really is!”