“Did you know that Virginia businesses are not actually required to provide paid sick leave to all their employees? I’ve worked front lines in this pandemic and I’ve seen the effects COVID-19 has taken on the healthcare workers. Working as a contract nurse and traveling nurse the money is great, but most of these companies do not offer paid sick leave!

So let me break it down to you… I’m basically on the front lines helping all these hospitals that are overpopulated with Covid patients. If I for any reason get sick and catch Covid, I will not be paid for the time I’m out. Meaning how am I going to take care of myself, much less my children. I’m risking my life every single day to save others, but my life honestly isn’t protected unless paid sick leave is offered!

I think every healthcare company should offer paid sick leave. It is critical for my fellow nurses to understand that if they do catch COVID-19, they can take the time off that they need until they are no longer sick. They wouldn’t be so stressed out worrying about a paycheck.

All Virginia businesses should adopt sick leave policies to keep their workplaces free from Illnesses. If an employee is sick and doesn’t have these policies, they might still come into work and expose everyone else. Than what will happen? How will healthcare businesses survive in Virginia?”