Virginia’s government is in agreement: Paid sick days are a good idea. Giving employees a safe option to stay home from work if they are sick or caring for a family member helps all of Virginia stay safe and healthy. However, some members of Virginia state congress are hesitant to enact legislation that would make paid sick days possible for their employees.

Kim Bobo, executive director of Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy, described the need for a state standard on paid sick days for Virginia’s future. She broke down the Essential Workers Paid Sick Day legislation (House Bill 2137), which would mandate up to five paid sick days for essential workers across the state.

For Bobo, the hesitancy to pass this bill through Virginia’s Congress needs to end. “Many legislators say they ‘support the concept’ of paid sick days. Unfortunately, a concept does not help anyone. Virginia needs a policy that will ensure that essential workers, those whom our society depends upon, can earn paid sick days to care for themselves or sick family members,” she wrote.

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