In a letter to the editor published to Connection Newspapers, LaJuanna Russell is telling her own business success story — with an emphasis on the importance of her workforce at every stage. Russell started her Alexandria-based business in 2004, taking a $500 investment and turning it into a $10 million dollar enterprise.

Even in the fledgling days of Business Management Associates, Inc., knowing how important a strong workforce would be to her success, Russell took care of her employees. As she puts it, “I knew that I could not grow from “me” to “we” without thinking about how to attract great employees.”

LaJuanna Russell has always viewed paid sick days as a necessary benefit that is required from employers. To practice what she preached, she provided them, along with strong insurance benefits, from the moment she started hiring. Now, as a viral pandemic continues to spread across America, this paid time off is more important than ever.

“Many of us have the luxury of working from home during this health crisis, but there are many workers who don’t have that option. All workers deserve paid time off so that they stay home if they are sick,” writes Russell in her piece in Connection Newspapers.

You can read Russell’s full letter and firsthand account of paid sick leave in action here.