“Did you know that Virginia businesses are not actually required to provide paid sick leave to all their employees? Could you imagine having to choose between a paycheck to provide for your family and your health?

Our healthcare workers that are on the frontlines during this pandemic are seeing first hand the effects of our public health at risk. Offering paid sick leave to employees could mean the difference between life and death during this pandemic. It could help drastically change the impact of this rapidly spreading virus.

Keeping ALL workplaces COVID free could mean better health, less crowds, and less risk of exposure to healthcare workers. Healthcare workers that do not have access to sick leave could be continuously exposing patients to illness because they don’t feel like they have the choice to stay home. Offering sick leave to employees would help keep illnesses at home for a quicker recovery while keeping the workplace happy and healthy.

Let’s support not only our healthcare workers, but all employees across Virginia to help provide the best work environment possible! #PaidSickDays”