“Did you know that Virginia businesses are not required to provide paid sick leave to all their employees?

I own Commercial Welding Solutions here in Hampton Roads and I’m a mother of 4. I know how important it is to offer paid sick leave. Now while I don’t have any employees currently- it is my goal for 2021 to gain at least 2 employees.

One of the things I would love to offer is paid sick leave especially if we are still in a global pandemic. Covid-19 has opened my eyes SO much more than they already were about how important paid sick leave actually is. While I was thankful to have paid sick leave working for a corporation, I do believe that all businesses should implement it.

So many people affected by this pandemic have lost weeks of pay & it is just so important to me to make sure that my employees can still pay their bills when they get a sickness they can’t control. Not only is it important to have the security of a roof over your head, it helps prevent the spread of sickness to other employees in the workplace.

All Virginia businesses should implement this policy, especially at a time so crucial as now. Sick employees are coming to work in fear of losing their homes, or not being able to pay bills. Regardless of the reason–employees should NOT have to choose what essential needs to sacrifice due to financial struggles.”