“When I got COVID (yep!), my clients were extremely understanding that I needed to step away for a bit, and all my assignments were still waiting for me after I recovered.

Unfortunately, things are different for those who depend on heading to a workplace. Whether they get the flu or a massive migraine, many have to run to work anyway or deal with payment loss. When my husband got COVID, he was able to take paid time away from work. We were thankful to rest easy that his employer cared about his health and welfare.

Why should employers offer paid sick days? For one, it fosters loyalty among their workers. It also gives employees a way to get well while having peace of mind that they don’t have to suffer due to loss of income. Of course, this should come with a set of checks and balances to protect both the employer and employee. Still, Virginia companies need to set the standard of providing paid sick leave to those who help make their businesses successful.”