“Did you know that Virginia businesses are not actually required to provide paid sick leave to all their employees? This is wrong for employee well being and employee health. And in the midst of a global pandemic that rages on, the lack of paid sick leave is DEADLY.

We, as healthcare workers, as human beings, are imploring people to stay home at the first sign of illness or known exposure to someone with COVID19 – however the absence of secure pay when taking sick leave is in direct opposition to these important public health guidelines.

Many people do not have the luxury of staying home when sick if they are not guaranteed pay.
This will promote the spread of coronavirus. This will further prolong this deadly pandemic. This will lead to more lives lost to this insidious disease.

The healthcare field needs to lead by example. They need to publicly GUARANTEE paid sick leave. Only then will other businesses follow suit.

Paid sick leave can no longer be an option.”