“Did you know that Virginian businesses are not actually required to provide paid sick leave to all their employees? If you don’t already know I own my own small business that teaches busy women and moms how to save and earn money by using social media. This concept came to me because I have had such great success doing it. I wanted to share my methods to help as many people as I could. While I don’t currently have any employees, I do understand the need for paid sick leave, especially in light of how the world is these days. Employees who are well taken care of are known to perform better all around. Not allowing an employee the right to even get sick, without leaving them to worry about not being able to provide, will make them feel unimportant which leads to less effort put into their work. Giving Virginian businesses paid sick leave will make our businesses run better all around. As a business owner and as the wife of an employee of a Virginian business, I believe paid sick leave should be considered a human right and not a topic up for debate.”