“More than a million Virginians don’t have paid sick leave. Did you know that studies have shown that nearly 8 in 10 adults would be more open to getting tested if paid sick time were given. The spread of this virus could’ve simply been reduced if sick paid time off was set in place. But even then, PTO hours don’t just magically appear, you have to work for it and even then it takes a long time to accrue full days — especially for those who are working 12 hour shifts.

Many frontline healthcare workers are not guaranteed sick pay if they are infected with COVID — this has been especially hard to wrap my head around, among many others, due to the lack of PPE around the country. There is already a shortage of healthcare workers, we’re already dealing with dangerous ratios. Add a pandemic to that along with healthcare workers, who are providing care to immunocompromised patients, who still show up to work ill because they simply can’t afford to not go to work. Something needs to change — if this is implemented it’s not said to happen until July 2021. Yes, by then many will have the vaccine. But herd immunity needs time to take effect for those who don’t receive the vaccine.”