“Did you know that Virginia businesses are not required to provide paid sick leave to all their employees?

As a career strategist, I get many clients who come seeking a new job. One of the things I tell them to look at besides salary is the benefits. One such benefit is paid sick leave. I 100% agree with having paid sick leave. Employees are humans and humans get sick every so often. As employees, they should not have to worry about having to make the decision between their health or having to go to work. It should be a basic human right to be able to rest and recuperate when sick. Companies have to consider paid sick leave just as important as one’s salary. It’s especially important during a worldwide pandemic because so many people do not have access to paid sick leave so they end up going to work and exposing others. This is how the virus amongst other things continues to spread.

A paid sick day standard across VA needs to be implemented. In order to effectively and efficiently control this pandemic we need to make sick leave a standard. By doing this, more employees will be more apt to take the time off from work when they are sick, have COVID symptoms, or may have been exposed to COVID. We all need to do our part to ensure we reduce the spread of COVID and this can start with Virginia employers offering paid sick leave.”