While the study from UCLA was released all the way back in March, it’s findings held true: we all know how things have unfolded since then. America has struggled immensely to grapple with the spread of Coronavirus, and because sick day policies are only inherent to large corporations, over 100 million Americans are employed by small businesses that do not need to provide them any paid leave.

For thousands of mom and pop shops, local eateries and boutique stores, business demands physical proximity. If employees aren’t provided time off in the case of illness, they either miss out on a paycheck or risk spreading their infection to all those they work with — and the clientele they interact with.

According to the Los Angeles Times, paid sick day woes are nothing new to America: “The U.S. is not the only country, rich or poor, without ironclad, all-encompassing paid sick leave rights. But it’s firmly among the have-not countries in the most important features. About three-quarters of all countries guarantee paid sick leave from day one of an illness and 76% provide for at least six weeks of coverage. Among high-income countries, about two-thirds cover self-employed workers.”

You can read more here about the ongoing crisis around paid sick leave — and how the global pandemic is bringing it to light — here.