“Virginians have been forced to wear a lot of new hats during this pandemic. #sponsored Between working extra hours or maybe not getting enough hours due to employee cuts, caring for our children, and in some cases, acting as substitute teachers for virtual learning- working parents and their families need all the help they can get right now.

As the pandemic continues it’s important for Virginia to broaden support for working families! Did you know a lot of families that are exposed to covid-19 or fall ill from it will NOT be paid for the time they missed out! That’s extremely scary for a lot of families and it’s important we get these families they help they need. These are our friends, family and neighbors. Our family is lucky that Todd does work for a company that values this and that has paid sick leave and quarantine pay for covid-19 but it’s important every family have that security! This pandemic has no end date and as Virginians- we need to raise our voices and show the Commonwealth, and the thousands of business owners within it, that policies like paid sick leave are good for workers, their families AND for businesses. Click the link in my bio to find out more!”