“As many of you know, my desire to prioritize my health + wellness was one of the main reasons I chose to become an entrepreneur five years ago.

When I was working as an employee, I noticed several of my coworkers coming to work sick. #sponsored I had a compromised immune system and felt deeply frustrated that I was constantly being exposed to illnesses like strep throat and the flu. One day, I asked a few of my coworkers why they chose to come to work even though they felt so terrible. I was sad to find out they simply could not afford to stay home. With no paid sick leave, missing even one day of work was not an option for them and their family.

This is why, as both a current entrepreneur and former employee, I believe business owners should consider incorporating a standard of paid sick leave for all of their employees. Prioritizing health + wellness benefits the individual, the community, and the business in countless ways!

Tell me friends, what are your thoughts on paid sick leave?”