“Were you aware that Virginians are not always guaranteed paid sick leave? I am fortunate that my job provides this to us should we need it but not everyone has that opportunity.

What happens if you are exposed to someone that tests positive for COVID and you are not guaranteed paid sick leave? You have to quarantine for 14 days with no pay. Day 6, you start feeling bad and get tested the next day and test positive. Now your 14 days starts over and your partner has to quarantine for 14 days too. Now you and your partner have no income for 2-3 weeks. What would you do??

Hard-working people just trying to provide for their family and be safe during this pandemic could face a food shortage, bills piling up, & potential eviction notices due to no fault of their own. I pray I see a day when parents don’t have to stress about if they are going to be able to continue feeding their families. Do you know anyone who has struggled financially during this pandemic?? What did they do?”